Measurements TO percentiles

This facility gives you the Percentile of a measurement which you enter. When testing designs this will tell you how many of your intended users will be bigger and smaller than your tester, in this dimension.

Alternatively you can measure an item which people have to fit, such as a handle or seat cushion, then use this facility to tell you how many people are suited.

Measure according to the Notes about the dimension, then enter the value in the box. The Percentile is calculated automatically. Be sure to enter the unclad, unshod measurement: if you have to adjust a clothed measurement, adjust it then enter the adjusted value.

You need to make sure that the correct User Group is selected (in Easy this is the Largest User).

You also need to check or select the age of the user group. For children, you should select the age of the user group you are considering, which may not necessarily be the age of the child you have measured.

So, for example, you can use an average-sized child to represent a slightly younger child of above-average size (but do this only for pure size, be alert for any behavioural differences).

You can use the Export facility to help create a database of people who have useful body sizes.

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