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Welcome, these pages are to help you avoid or reduce health problems arising from computer use.  They address the UK Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations, following the European Directive.  Anyone can use them, see the contact page for usage details.

Constant low-level effort, such as holding your arm out to use the mouse, can lead to overuse injuries, and if these are allowed to persist from one day to the next they can escalate quickly to become more severe and hard to get rid of.  Fortunately these problems can generally be avoided by some simple measures and good working practices.

So the two essentials are:

1. Do not endure.  Act Today.
2. Do It Yourself: don't wait for someone else to fix it for you. Most of the major changes can be made by adjustment, or using everyday things without spending a lot of money.

"" It's a Setup

A step by step guide to setting up your computer, chair and desk,

including Notebooks/Laptops.



Troubleshoot any pain or discomfort.
"" Interactive Assessment

Go through this formal procedure to check everything is correct,
and optionally send the results to your assessor.
"" Principles and Details

Explanation of RSI and office-type health issues, to help you make the right decisions.

Extra Details on some issues.