To make the most of PeopleSize and anthropometry in your project, it is recommended that you read all the topics that apply to your version (some topics and paragraphs apply only to the Professional or Projector versions).

Using the program in a design project involves four main steps...

  1. Decide who will use your product - nationalities, genders, ages. Most products are used by a subset of the population rather than by "everyone". Discussion
  2. Decide what percentage of this user group you are going to design for. It is best to see this in terms of who you are going to exclude. This decision depends on the consequences for the excluded users, set against the costs of including them. This may change as the project develops. Discussion
  3. Visualise your design being used, and then use that visualisation in the PeopleSize visual interface.
  4. Use the data to make a mockup, adjustable buck or prototype, then conduct a fitting trial. It is a golden rule never to commit to a design without validating data, whatever the source.


 Getting Started -step by step

Getting started - unstructured


The Data