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System Requirements

Any computer running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. Note that you may find it best to install outside the protected Program Files folder.

There is no Mac version of PeopleSize, but see below.

Installation Procedure

Run the downloaded setup file on the computer you wish to install on.

Specify a folder that has write permission for the user.

When you first run the installed program, you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Keycode to complete the installation.

Network Installations

To run PeopleSize across a network, install on the server and distribute shortcuts to workstations (according to your licence). 

For local installations the program requires its own installation routine to be run on each computer it is installed on; it is not compatible with centrally distributed installation.

Apple Mac: PeopleSize will run in a Windows installation on a dual-system Intel Mac, and may run under emulation.  If you cannot get it to work, you can invoke the guarantee and return it.  Alternatively you can obtain an old Windows PC or laptop specifically for PeopleSize - because of the difference anthropometry can make to the quality of a product, this may be a cost-effective solution, especially for the Pro version which contains features that are not obtainable anywhere else.