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Lower Back Pain

This site gives tips about managing a bad back - reducing lower back pain by changing habits and behaviour.

Management can make a huge difference to back pain - generally more of a difference than your doctor can make - because more often than not the amount of stress that you put on your lower back is the whole problem.

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and standing posture,




pushing and pulling




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Lower back pain typically occurs after stress damage has accumulated over a period of time, rather than as you stress it, so our instinctive pain-based learning mechanisms don't work.

Or rather, by the time they work, it's agony! You need to deliberately learn a lifestyle approach to back care. The crucial realisation is that for most of us a bad back is a combination of...

a medical problem and

a behaviour problem.

Most of us can change our behaviour to fix the medical problem.

If you do have a serious medical condition with your back, then management becomes even more important, of course, because your back pain will get better or worse with every slight variation in the strain on your spine and the amount of support it has.

If you don't have a lower back pain yet, the same good habits will help you not to get a bad back at all!

Take a look at the back structure to help to understand how to load it and how to take care of it.


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