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PeopleSize 2020 is here:

the most up to date reference anthropometry.

  • The most recent data available, up to 2018 values
  • It is the largest dataset with up to 291 individual anthropometric dimensions.
  • The PeopleSize visual interface means you can find the data you need intuitively, with no learning curve.
  • Any percentile you like - this and other important calculations are all are done for you.
  • There is a 60-day return guarantee.
  • Since 1994, PeopleSize is the anthropometric data the market leaders use.

The visual interface works like this...

Imagine your design being used, and float your cursor over the icons you "see" will be relevant -  the natural technique of visualisation.

Each icon brings up a corresponding illustration.

To select anthropometry data just click on markers on the body drawings.

The triangles mark the measurement landmarks. 

As you float the cursor over them, the connected triangles turn green, showing the anthropometric dimensions available.

The visual method means it is easy for you to find dimensions relevant to your design.

You don't need to know medical terminology or hunt through tables of data.
Anthropometric data sitting illustration
When you click on the second triangle, the data are presented.

In both Easy and Pro versions you get:
  1. Any percentiles you like
  2. Automatic adjustments for clothing and posture
  3. MM or Inches
  4. Export options to collate your data
  5. The percentiles of your own measurements
  6. Notes about how the measurements were taken









The Pro version has 3 power features, see the Features page for details

Easy dialog People Size features
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