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How to lift a sack

Crouch down at one end Lift the sack upright Crouch down again, close to it Pull it close, keep your back vertical and rise using your legs For longer carries, bend at the knees then accelerate the sack up... and onto one shoulder.

Don't carry it like this,
it's too far out from
your spine.

For palletted things, a lifting pallet truck is best

Balance yourself by carrying an object in each hand.


Carry things so that the heavy side is nearest to your body (but watch out your belt buckle doesn't damage a screen). Make sure the load is stable and its contents don't move.

It's often best to reduce or eliminate the need for manual handling by using mechanical aids.


Don't try to control a drop that is getting away from you. Sudden muscle effort is a major risk - just let the load go.


 Learn an understanding of the structure of the back, to help develop safe lifting habits and cater for new situations.

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